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Welcome To Midus Web SMS

How can text messages improve the way your business communicates? With Midus Web SMS, you can enhance your reach to your co-workers, clients and business partners right from your desk by sending them any important or time-critical updates instantly to their mobile phone no matter where they are.

 Key Features and Benefits


Midus Web SMS has time saving and useful features. It allows users to leverage on their existing web based address book contact information in the online portal access. To send an SMS message, you can just retrieve the recipient’s mobile number from your existing Address/Contact list as you would do when sending out an email.


Since Midus Web SMS is a web based application, there is no need for your business to invest in any additional software or engage third-party services to deliver SMS messages. Just type your message and send it out right from your desk. Furthermore, with Midus Web SMS you enjoy better rates as the more SMS u send, the lower the SMS rates is.

Simple & User-Friendly

The friendly and easy web based application is similar to using a office outlook system meaning that training is minimal but be assured we are always on hand to assist you if any questions or problems do arise.


  • Send SMS message(s) to single or multiple mobile and UK landline numbers
  • Import and manage your online address book (unlimited groups and contacts)
  • Import, manage and send SMS messages to your distribution lists (mailing lists)
  • Send messages from a text label (i.e. Your Company) and personalise with mail merge features
  • Create & manage message templates to restrict what messages can be sent
  • Secure access to your account via username & password protection