Inbound Call Solutions

Midus' Smart Call Handling solutions allow you to benefit from complete control of your call management

Customer service is all important in today's marketplace, as consumers are expecting more and more from every company they deal with. Every call you receive is a potential new customer. Every call has the potential to increase or decrease your standing in their eyes. A missed call or, worse, a mis-managed call can damage your brand and profitability, therefore an efficient call handling service is essential. With In Call Solutions (ICS) and our unrivalled solution, make these things of the past and take control of how you are presented to the outside world.

We are a leading provider of telecommunications products, specialising in telemarketing numbers and call handling solutions, and have developed a range of interactive services based around inbound telephony. We offer a suite of contact telephone numbers - Areacall, Freephone, Local or National Rates - and provide you with instant access to extremely flexible and creative call handling services such as Call Recording, Divert on Busy and Fax to Email, together with options such as call queuing, caller greetings and voicemail.

  • Complete and instant control via our unique online management solution (more)

  • Hosted by Cable and Wireless - the UK's largest telecoms provider after BT

  • Cutting edge equipment as well as bespoke technology developed in-house 

The Midus In Call Solutions' suite of services gives you complete control of your inbound telephony so you can focus on what you do best. Pick and mix what is right for your needs.

Whether you want to run a simple one-line application or a complex interactive service - we will manage your service leaving you to concentrate on promoting your business.

With better call handling, you have an opportunity to improve efficiency and productivity, therefore even profitability.