Service at its best

Midus believes that the key to enhancing customers' businesses is more than just a cheap minute. This is why we offer you competitive call cost charges plus all of our value-added telecommunication services.

A supplier that adapts easily to meet your changing needs

Midus understand your needs for service that are easy to maintain and upgrade. This is the beauty of Midus Communications network-based services - very quick to implement, can be modified and re routed at the simple touch of a button and can be adapted for companies with home-working facilities.

Costs are easy to monitor and control

All Midus Communications products and services are run on a "pay-as-you-go" basis and are billed as a pence-per-minute charge on your telephone bill - Telecoms made simple.

Web-enabled control

As an Midus customer, you'll enjoy access to your own management facility, which not only allows you to view but modify your telecom services. For example, if you need calls re-routing from office A to sub office B because of a excess of calls, you can access your service via a secure web link to modify it immediately without even picking up the phone.

No capital expenditure on additional hardware

Midus Communications services are run within the BT network, which means there is no need to purchase additional equipment. This makes Midus the ideal partner.