The Customer First

Midus Communications Puts the Customer First. Backed by Midus' care and support you won't be cut off from the outside world.

Midus Communications is a member of the ICS (Institute of Customer Service). We realise the importance of maintaining a high standard of customer service and continue to develop Midus people in order to keep this level constant. The ICS aim to lead the way in performance and professionalism throughout all areas of customer service.

Customer service is incorporated in every aspect of the company, at every level. To ensure that all Midus people have as much knowledge as possible in their area, Midus believe in giving them the chance to gain nationally recognised qualifications. The ICS offer Modern Apprenticeships, NVQ's and Graduate qualifications so people of all levels can work towards delivering a better level of customer service to our customers.

The qualifications don't stop with the people who work within the customer service department. Our legal, marketing and financial departments are also undergoing different qualifications to help Midus to work at the best of their ability, thus providing the best customer experience possible.